Our Story

  Jeff and I met twelve years ago while we were both living in Hawaii.  "Holy crap it's been twelve years already?!", or "Holy crap it's only been twelve years?" Somedays it really is a toss up. All kidding aside, the past 12 years have been full of adventures, challenges, celebrations, and tragedies and I would have never been able to enjoy or cope with any of it had Jeff not been by my side the whole way.

 We met on a Friday night by the bonfire on the North Shore; He was cute. I was tipsy, but he really WAS cute. I gave him a hug and my number and he called me the next day. A guy that calls the next day? KEEPER!! We hit it off from our first date and 3 ½ years later we were married.

  Jeff was an Army Officer when we met, and I  was fortunate to learn quickly about being an Army significant other. Thankfully I met some amazing wives of Jeff's fellow Soldiers who welcomed me with open arms and showed me the ropes. I believe that initial experience with the Army community truly helped us become a strong Army family, and me a pretty awesome Army wife (if I do say so myself). My friends never sugar coated anything when explaining what to expect and I was able to marry Jeff with a pretty good base-line knowledge of what I was getting myself into. Although it hasn't been without struggles, we both feel honored to serve our country and I am so proud to be a Soldier's wife. Over the last 12 years, 6 duty stations, and 3 deployments, we have met some outstanding Army Families and made life-long friends. The Army life is a crazy one, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

  Traveling has always been a big part of our relationship. From the early days of touring Hawaii to a 2 week excursion to New Zealand, our sense of adventure has taken us to some amazing sites. We have been to all 50 states(most of them together) and 7 countries. I even learned to embrace sleeping in a tent (although we have established my limit to 3 days). Our love of traveling has allowed us to see the beauty of our country and places around the world, and we can't wait to keep exploring (especially now that we are in Asia).

  Jeff and I both come from great families. It is an awesome coincidence that my Oklahoma born husband's parents relocated to Maryland while he was in college. Having his parents live thirty minutes from my parents makes planning visits a lot easier, killing two birds with one stone and all. I think our strong sense of family values is the cornerstone of our relationship and I am very blessed that Jeff places  spending time with family as a top priority. He is an awesome uncle to my sister's kids and does so much for both my family and his.

 With family being such a big part of our lives we are really looking forward to the day that we can add a child to ours. Having a baby has been a struggle for us and we have suffered terrible losses. Over the last year we have been exploring fertility options in an effort to expand our family. Although our efforts in DC were not successful, we look forward to exploring the resources available to us here in Korea. Jeff and I are faithful people and we know that God has a plan, and in His timing we will know what He has in store for us. Until then we will continue to enjoy life as a family of two.

We hope that you enjoy following our journey on life's roller coaster.



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