Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gratitude: March

"In like a lion. Out like a lamb" was definitely the theme for my month. However, I did find that spending some time each day to reflect on the positives has definitely given a little perspective. Slowly but surely things are starting to feel "normal". Life has a funny way of working out exactly how it is supposed to.



1. My best friend's smile.

2. Motivation from my hubby.

3. Good news, and a well deserved accomplishment for the hubby.

4. A good sports bra; it makes running a much more tolerable experience.

5. The was cozy feeling of putting on "fresh from the dryer" pants on a frigid night.

6. Reasons to celebrate with some fabulous friends.

7. Feeling appreciated.

8. Ginger ale and ice chips.

9. Sunshine, and feeling well enough to enjoy it.

10. The brief moment of joy when my pants fit really well (until I remember I haven't eaten in 72 hours).

11. A good night's sleep.

12. Tetris. It has prepared me well to pack these suitcases.

13. Professional opportunities.

14. Rainy days and coffee with my favorite person.

15. Some alone time in the car.

16. Target's 60-day return policy.

17. Finally going through all of our mail and catching up on reading Christmas cards.

18. The knowledge that tomorrow is a new day. March 18th can now return to just another day on the calendar.

19. My Daddy

20. Good food, good wine, good conversation, and great friends.

21. Water and Advil (see the good wine above).

22. Old friends to welcome us to a new place.

23. My husband's awesome sense of direction, and his ability to talk me out of a "super freak-out" moment.

24. A new set of wheels for our new adventures.

25. Finding moments of calm in the chaos.

26. Walking into a house and knowing it is where we want to make a home.

27. Long chats with the hubby and figuring out a plan. Who says excel spreadsheets can't be romantic? ;-)

28. Finding joy (and strength) from writing again.

29. Lazy mornings spent laughing and snuggling.

30. Tearing through a to-do list like a boss.

31. Being part of an unconditionally supportive community.

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