Sunday, March 8, 2015

Gratitude: February

It feels like I spent the month of February trying to get as settled as possible in the one room hotel room  serving as home for 10 weeks. In the stress of this time of transition, I have definitely struggled to stay positive. However, I am happy I decided to keep a gratitude journal through this process. Finding at least one thing good about each day has definitely provided some much needed perspective around here.


1. My love of sports and the perspective to remember that in the end, it is just a game.

2. Dinner ready with I get home from a long day

3. The snooze button.

4. Daydreaming with Jeff about our future (with an accompanying excel spreadsheet).

5. Unanswered prayers, and the faith to trust in God's plan.

6. A TV show that gives you the good cry you have needed for the past month. Thank you        Parenthood, I will miss the Bravermans.

7. Time spent with my amazing aunt.

8. Patience.

9. Hearing one of my favorite songs on the radio and singing along to Rascal Flatts', "Bless the Broken Road".

10. That awesome message your scalp gets when the hairstylist spends 10 minutes washing your hair. 

11. 70mph speed limits.

12. A beautiful morning in Charleston providing a welcome respite from the bitter cold.

13. The feeling of home, even when it comes in the form of getting our car back. 

14. We don't need a special day to show love or feel loved.

15. Date night (especially when you find out it is buy one entree get one free night).

16. A day spent clearing out the DVR.

17. Knowing your boss has your back.

18. People braving the cold to clear the roads and make driving around here safer.

19. Reading a Bible verse to remind me that God is with me, always.

20. Pizza delivery.

21. Belly laughs and being silly with my favorite person. 

22. Satellite Radio. Oh how I missed you (no offense AFN).

23. Being "ChaCha" to the most awesome niece and nephews. They are my world.

24. Words of encouragement from a dear friend.

25. My husband understands me, sometime better than I understand myself.

26. Paying good advice forward.

27. Girl talk. It is good for the soul. 

28. Washington, DC and free entrance to the museums. 


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