Friday, February 6, 2015

Gratitude: January.....

Every year I try to make New Year's resolutions to change some bad habits or improve certain aspects of my life, and every year those resolutions seem to only last as long as it had taken me to come up with them.  So this year, I decided I would resolve to highlight positives in my life and find at least one thing a day to be grateful.

January 2015

1. Reflection. Release. Fresh Starts.

2. Couple's Night Out and effortless conversation with dear friends.

3. Being right, sometimes (and the happy dance that follows).

4. The peace of running through the woods.

5. Laundry that only takes a 1/2 day to complete.

6. Watching the snow fall from my Momma's rocking chair.

7. Conversation and cuddles with my Momma.

8. Clementines.

9. Jeff's friends who have now become my friends.

10. My new iPhone.

11. Road trips with my favorite co-pilot.

12. Finding a job I enjoy.

13. Grocery store choices.

14. Kind words and a smile from a stranger.

15. A first date that became a forever date.

16. I made it through the day. That is all.

17. Adoption, and the joy it brings.

18. A Seahawks win!

19. Double upgrades on the rental car.

20. Not throwing up in the middle of my first workout in a long time.

21. Someone else to make my bed every morning.

22. Chats with my best friend (and living in the sam timezone again).

23. Jeff likes my cooking.

24. Family-owned restaurants with FABULOUS food.

25. Bacon.

26. "The Bachelor" watching it makes me feel a lot better about my life choices.

27. Good genes

28. A genuine "I feel pretty" day.

29. God's Grace.

30. Fried Pickles

31. Making a new friend. Military Wives+Wine= Fun Times


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